Sunshine Learning Center

Free Pre-K

Join us at Sunshine Learning Center for an enriching and inviting atmosphere for your child to learn, grow, and play. We have various after school programs, summer programs, activities and more to engage you child and make learning fun. For kids who are with us for most of the day, we have a very wholesome nutritious lunch and snack program, so you can be sure your child is receiving a healthy assortment of foods during their time at Sunshine Learning Center.

Our center serves children ages 2 - 12 years and offers various activities to integrate the age groups to further learning goals. We are a trilingual center and have a Christian Spiritual approach to education. We believe it is important to instill the values of the Christian faith in the kids we work with through setting an example for them to follow. Our staff encourages the kids to speak openly and ask questions about anything related their own faith or our program initiatives. Sunrise Learning Center continually communicates with parents as well to address any questions, concerns, or suggestions. All of our teachers are certified and have gone through extensive training; most of them continue their education to enhance the learning of their students. Contact Us to learn more about what our center has to offer your child today!